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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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took heinously ; I made it up with him by tying a collar of rainbow riband about his neck, for a token that he is never to be wormed any more; which he received as implicitly, as good folks do the assurance of their never being drowned in a collective body, though all their doctors do not scruple to let them know they are to be burnt.
I had your long letter of two sheets of Sept. 17th, and wonder at your perseverance in telling me so much as you always do, when I, dull creature, find so little for you. I can only tell you that the more you write, the happier you make me ; and I assure you, the more details the better: I so often lay schemes for returning to you, that I am persuaded I shall, and would keep up my stock of Florentine ideas.
I honour Matthews's punctilious observance of his Holiness's dignity. How incomprehensible Englishmen are ! I should have sworn that he would have piqued himself on
calling the Pope the w------of Babylon, and have begun his
remonstrance with 'you old damned UtcJi.' What extremes of absurdities ! to flounder from Pope Joan to his Holiness ! I like your reflection, ' that everybody can bully the Pope.' There was a humourist called Sir James of the Peak3, who had been beat by a fellow, who afterwards underwent the same operation from a third hand. ' Zounds,' said Sir James, •' that I did not know this fellow would take a beating!' 3STay, my dear child, I don't know that Matthews would!
You know I always thought the Tesi comigue, pendant gue ga devroit etre tragigue. I am happy that my sovereign Lady expressed my opinion so well—by the way, is De Sade still with you ? Is he still in pawn by the proxy of his clothes ? Has the Princess as constant retirements to her bedchamber with the coligue—and Antenori! Oh ! I was struck the
3 A noted gamester, frequently mentioned in correspondence of the early part of the eighteenth century.